Sunday, March 1, 2015

Advertising Business | Internet

Advertising Business - Internet
I don't want to fool you or myself, my Internet advertising business is new and what I want to do for myself and anyone reading this blog is to post my successes and failures truthfully. Now that's where a real problem comes in for me, it seems that if I don't have something positive to report it's hard to take the time to post. My reasons for this blog are not because I'm an expert in the advertising business or that I like to Blog but because I do have a genuine interest in the advertising business and creating an Internet income. Blogging is a way of creating content and hopefully attracting readers and collaborators with similar interests. Getting back to posting honestly, I've been in construction all my working career. When I realized that I wouldn't have the money I wanted when I retire on my social security, I thought about the Internet and the world wide web. It reminded me of real estate and buying land, so I bought a domain, got hosting and got started with my property. The first thing I began to realize was that I had a lot of learning to do, and next that I spent my money to soon. My first big mistake, but a learning experience that I want to share. It took me about a year (slow learner) to realize all the great stuff on the Internet that was free. As I was searching for ways to make money online, most the hype and scams were obvious. The first thing I tried was free offers, although I didn't want things, I wanted money. Finally getting tired of wasting my time filling forms and taking endless surveys I thought I would have to follow the path of Internet advertising hype and scams. That wasn't below me, although I didn't really like the idea, the only reason I needed the Internet at all was to make money. I told my conscience if people fell for my scams it's OK they are learning a lesson, my conscience didn't believe it but I was going to move ahead with my plan. If I'm going to make an Internet income like the schemers I have a lot of competition, but they must be making money like they say or they wouldn't be there. Anyway I knew I had to copy the best, so I started searching to find the best. I already had a website that I didn't know what to do with so I wasn't about to spend more money without making some. I didn't trust any Internet marketer but in my searches I found a website that seemed like what I might craft my crafty business after. That was my introduction to SiteSell, about making money online I still haven't given them anything yet, but I might someday. What I have gotten from SiteSell is some great free downloads for making money online. The only one I've read is the Affiliate Masters course and I was finally learning something about a legitimate way to make money with my website. I realized that maybe there was a way to make money on the Internet without schemes. The Affiliate Masters course is laid out as a 10 day course reaching a goal every day for 10 days then you are an Affiliate Master. I found it to be a little harder than that and studied the course for about four months. It really is full of great information and explains SEO (search engine optimization) brilliantly. My problem with the course was my own, as I knew nothing about Internet marketing, or even about computers at that time. So on top of being a H.S. dropout, learning to spell, I was learning how to navigate websites and use a computer. Anyway when I found the SiteBuildIt website I realized I didn't have to scam. Affiliate marketing sounded like a legitimate way to make money, advertising other businesses on my website. This link  (The Masters Courses) to get the Affiliate Masters course free. Thanks for reading this Advertising Business - Internet Post, please leave a comment.