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Advertising Business | Niche Marketing

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Advertising Business - Niche Marketing
Step 1 knowledge of related words, niche marketing and choosing your niche.
I am using Google tools and resources, since Google controls a large amount of the web and has more complementary resources than everybody to boot. Google has the web structured by topic into categories. A niche is a smaller piece of a topic or category you will be able to with no trouble discover a niche by clicking all the way through to the end where there are websites. For instance; go to Google Directory - Click Business - Click E Commerce - Click Internet Marketing - Click Internet Marketing - Click Consulting - There notice Web Pages these are Googles top sites and my competition. One more illustration - Click Computers - Click Internet -Click Internet Marketing - At this time you can see the categories overlap this is niche overlap and is helpful at what time you want to start linking - Click Consulting. Notice how many links in blue are the same as the web address http. My top competitor is and for two excellent reasons a lot of useful high-quality content and links that guests and the search engines like. Following or underneath the http address is a description more often than not using keywords. You can in addition go to the website and spot a number of the keywords that are being used. Go ahead and find at least two separate niches that you will target with your Niche Marketing.
Advertising Business - Niche Marketing - Keyword Research
Step 2 Keyword research long tail keywords and your domain address
With Google AdWords keyword tool, keyword optimization has in no way ever been easier for a novice. You can take a crack at trying it out if you haven’t before now. Google AdWords keyword suggestion. I believe it’s great and I make use of it. All you have to do is type or paste in your most important keywords and you get keywords or phrases and related terms - sorted by relevance. You ought to have an idea of a number of the most descriptive keywords in your preferred niche. Now start with the most descriptive keywords you have for your niche marketing advertising business. Enter your primary word or phrase in the box on the keyword tool. I used “keyword” for this article. If you have a spreadsheet use it and if not, just make a list of the related words and terms along with estimated average search volume. Don’t worry about any words or terms that are irrelevant to your niche concept or not enough data for now. These results represent the demand for your key word or term. I’m using a Microsoft Works Spreadsheet, my terms, keywords or phrases are in column A and my search volume or demand is in column D. That leaves space for long tail keywords and terms I’ll add later. Now I’m going to use Google Search results for each related term. On the search results page in the top right corner locate - Results 1 - 10 of about 612,000,000 for keyword. That figure represents supply, the number of web pages Google’s search engine finds for the term searched. On my spread sheet that number goes in the G column. Keywords have value and to discover the value just divide the supply by the demand. In my case my keyword is “keyword” supply is 612,000,000 divided by demand 1,500,000 the value is 408. A lesser value is better since the value represents competion. My long tail phrase is “AdWords keyword” supply is 2,710,000 divided by demand 201,000 Value is 13.482587 less competition. I don’t want to create a site about AdWords Keyword, however I’m going to make use of that keyword as an case in point of how I choose or attempt to register a relative domain name. When you register a domain name or web address the registrar has a box where you put your request for the domain name to ensure that it is available. Enter your requested name with no spaces and no capital letters in the box example: adwordskeyword if a message says not available try another variation example; keywordadword or adkeyword or keywordad when no combination of your targeted niche word is available. Try another Keyword or other related simple to remember keywords with value. What you want are keywords closely related and relevant to your preferred niche most value (lowest value number, least competition) and easy to remember. Another idea is add another word to your targeted niche keep it related if you can. Thanks for reading the Advertising Business - Niche Marketing post please comment.