Friday, July 1, 2016

Advertising Business | Daily List

Advertising Business - Daily List

This is my Daily List for starting a business, my online advertising business. The daily list that I am making here, is my list of daily activities starting business and isn't meant to be followed by anyone else starting a business. I'm using my daily list to stay focused on my business plan and I will suggest that others starting your own business, list daily chores. I will be reporting my successes and failures on my home based business, in other posts on this blog. I want to make connections with anyone that is reading this post and is interested. email me or if you just want to add me to your email list that's OK.

  1. Read and answer daily email, organize them in folders, send to my daily mailing list.
  2. Read and comment on someones blog post (hopefully learning something valuable).
  3. Research articles and relevant keywords for my post.
  4. Make a post on my blog with valuable content that might help someone.
  5. Work on a pillar article
  6. Work on communication channels
  7. Work on getting links
  8. Combine the last three, work - work - work, articles, channel, link.
That completes my daily list for starting business The advantage the daily list gives me is keeping me focused on my business ideas. Thanks for reading if you got this far leave a comment on the Advertising Business Blog. Thanks