Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Advertising Business | Trading Links

Advertising Business - Trading Links
Yesterday I read Grizzly's Blog Make Money Online With Grizzly and his last post Finding Links for those Niche Blogs. Actually I read it two or three times before that and sent an email with topics that fit my other blogs.
Anyway after thinking about links and how important Griz says related links are for search engines I put another page on my ugly under-construction website.
The earthxy website is what I started when I decided to try to make money online and it will probably be under construction for a long time, as my method has been trial and error. It does have a couple hundred pages and I'm willing to trade links with anybody that thinks we can help each other. I'm not a pro but I've done some key word searches, my trial and error method of SEO. Although the earthxy website doesn't have a lot of content yet, I want to cover all of Googles topics
( ) eventually.
Thanks for reading this post in the Advertising Business Blog, I want your comment good or bad.