Thursday, December 1, 2016

Email Marketing Campaign | Google Search

Starting my email marketing campaign I did a Google search looking for information and resources. Email marketing campaign - Google Search. The page lists sites with tips, software, services and evaluation of email campaigns. is the top site and seems to have the most information, with a lot of tips and articles. I will be going back and following some of the links to see what I can learn. There are some do's and don’ts that I want to follow and I'll list some of them here. Avoid $ signs as they are associated with spam. Avoid email marketing during the holidays, people are busy and after the holidays they will be deleting piled up Emails. Require retyping email addresses to avoid misspelling and typing errors on your sign up form. Make a clear call to action and insure subscribers that they can be removed any time they choose. Make sure my opt-in form doesn’t use the term opt-in or permission based, but something like "Yes Send Me…” or "Yes I Want…”. Greet recipients with your best offer right up front and let people know immediately that your Email is from you. Don't use!!! Use words that will emphasize. Include change Email address on the page that allows readers to unsubscribe, offer another field where they can subscribe a new address (carrying over all their data) and change the link to that page in the newsletter from "unsubscribe" to "unsubscribe/change address". Make sure the design of the landing page matches the design of the email campaign it belongs to. Pay attention to the colors, the images, font size, but also to the wording and tone of the landing page. Put a sign up form on every page of your site. Send news letter weekly so that they receive it on the same day of the week that they signed up. There is a good chance that’s the day they will have time to read it. That’s not all the tips I've found, but that’s enough to get me started. Email Marketing Campaign links to my last post I know that I need opt in subscribers. I can do that in a passive way like I'm doing with this blog Email me at I'm going to learn more about Email marketing and get started on my Email Marketing Campaign.