Sunday, November 1, 2015

Advertising Business | Email Marketing Campaign

Advertising Business | Email Marketing Campaign: When I wanted to start an email marketing campaign, to earn money online I jumped in with both feet as I usually do. That was a big mistake that I'm still paying $20 a month for. Anyway I learn from my mistakes so that's OK. I needed to learn the basics for myself instead of falling for the hype, and letting somebody lead me. I know that I need opt in subscribers. I can do that in a passive I'll just post my email address and offer one on one collaboration and no spam it's simple but limited. I'll offer a free Download for the Affiliate Masters Course in an email. I don't want a squeeze page or landing page full of hype, I fell for that once and I won't again. I know there is a big audience looking for online income and can learn from the Affiliate Masters Course. I want to establish long term relationships where we benefit each other. I want my Email Marketing Campaign to be friendly. I want to create a landing page that is to the point, short and sweet. And my Emails will be like that to. I don't care about getting rich and burning bridges. I just want to earn money online that I can live on. With most of my posts in this blog I want to report my intentions my failure's and my success, although sometimes for different reasons I don't. The link below shows my progress with my with this blog and my get online income email blog.
I'm going to learn more about Email marketing and get started on my Advertising Business | Email Marketing Campaign.