Monday, February 1, 2016

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Advertising Business - My Internet advertising business consists of blogs, websites, Email marketing, and affiliate programs at this point. I just started building my main website part time (only a few houres a month) in 2006, although I had the thought way before then and didn't act on it. My success is nothing to brag about at this point but I have had some small successes. My failtures I consider learning experiance so they really are stepping stones to success. Mainly because I don't intend to quit, my intention is to succeed. As I edit and up date this post I realize you probibly thought I wrote it all at once. No I add to it as my time permits and I'm doing the same with my other blogs. This post is about my blogs so I'll list them now. Advertising Business - Online Income Blog - Getting out of Debt - Small Business Website Design - Backpacking Tent Camping - Emergency Survival Wilderness Survival - Sprouts Nutritional Value - The Homeless Services. I'm focusing on life goals and making a list of priorities and I've come to the conclusion that learning and making money will probably always be at the top of my list but I also want leisure time and I want to give help whenever I can, especially when a need is obvious. Business Advertising is like any other career when you think you know it all, you are going to learn differenty. I feel pretty solid about my priorities, learning to further my career, taking the time I need to relax and give freely. That's my brain speaking, in my heart and soul it's the other way. Giving freely, taking it easy, doing what I can, living and learning. Emergency Survival - Wilderness Survival
Backpacking Tent Camping
Advertising Business
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