Saturday, August 1, 2015

Advertising Business | Email Marketing

Email marketing consists of an email list, preferably an opt in email marketing list. Email marketing targeted usually at a specific audience, although not always. It is like bulk mail marketing without the expense of stamps, envelopes and paper. An email marketing campaign using an opt in email marketing list, is the most effective ways of doing email marketing. Opt in email marketing is simply put, permission based email marketing or permission email marketing. My new email marketing campaign will start right here, in the Advertising Business Blog. In a later post, I will record my success or failure in detail, for the whole world to see. This is my first step, posting my email address that I set up just for this blog yesterday.
I have more than one reason for including my email address, the main one is obvious a targeted email list. Another reason and actually a more important one for me is to form a smaller group of people (an inner circle) that can trade ideas and help each other out to make money online. I won't spam you or put an autosponder using this email address. will only be used for one on one conversations, you and me.
Thanks for reading this post I would really like to here from you through email or comments on the Advertising Business blog. Email marketing is an effective way to communicate or advertise your services business to business or business to client.